Once you have selected the item you want to personalize click on the Personalization tab in the product window alongside the Details and Refills tabs and an easy-to-use menu of ordering options will appear.

You may choose the color of the embossing foil, whether the type is all uppercase or upper/lowercase (capitals/small letters), and whether you want the personalization to appear on one or two lines. Personalization will be stamped in the case style chosen not the way you type the characters when entering personalization. Harbor Leather will determine the appropriate size of the characters depending on the number of letters requested per line and the size of the item being personalized.

The existing center stamp shown on some of our products is a stock stamp that is blind (using no foil) and does not change depending on the foil type you choose to have your individual personalization stamped in.

Please note that if you have any special requests such as specific font sizes you wish have used when stamping your item, you would need to make such request using our special instructions box we provide on each the individual product pages on our website. For example if you wish to have one letter in your initials to be stamped larger or smaller than the rest we can accommodate these types of requests as long as the request is properly communicated in that special instructions box.

RETURNS: All personalized items are non-returnable for refund or exchange unless the return is due to an error or defect caused by Harbor Leather. Records of orders for personalization will be kept for 90 days, after which, all personalized items will be non-returnable, whatever the cause.

COLOR/GRAIN SWATCHES: Since personalized items are non-returnable, we strongly recommend that you order a swatch of the color and grain you are considering before placing your order. Colors can vary when viewed from one monitor to another. Swatches are available for $2, postage prepaid.

NOTES: Keep in mind that foil embossings are generally more pronounced on darker colored products.

When personalization is requested centered on window albums, it will appear immediately below the window.

Blind embossing is not an option on all photo albums, recipe organizers, CD/DVD organizers, or address book organizers. These products are produced with a padded board which can sometimes make the blind embossing difficult to see.

Note: All personalized orders with standard ground shipping can take up to 8 business days (Monday - Friday) to ship from our facility. You will then receive orders shipped via ground within four to seven days of the date your order is shipped. This does not apply to orders placed with expedited shipping.

Declining Requests: Gallery Leather reserves the right to decline personalization requests that contain lewd, offensive, or vulgar language. We also reserve the right to decline requests that contain copyrighted information or design.

Personalized orders cannot be taken over the phone. Personalization must be placed on the website or specific details or questions may be emailed to [email protected].